The Watussi came about through cross-breeding for thousands of years between the hump backed and the long horned Egyptian buffalo. Both males and females have looong horns, which can grow to over 8 feet (2.5 meters) in length.

This buffalo is important to the Massai and the Watussi people, whose wealth is measured by the number of livestock they own. It provides them with milk, but is rarely used for its meat.

Known as “Ankole” in Uganda and “Watussi” in Rwanda and in Burundi, the two names are sometimes stuck together, as this animal is considered to have come from a unique stock.

Coming from a country where the temperatures may vary between 20 and 120 Fahrenheit (or, between -5 and 47 Celsius), the Ankole-Watussi is able to support extreme temperatures. It is equipped with a very efficient sort of “portable radiator” in its horns. The blood which circulates through them is cooled down before coming back into the body.

Calm and peaceful by nature, the Watussi has been domesticated for a long time in Africa. They weigh approximately 1500 lbs (700 kg) and are able to run up to 25 mph (40 kph). Its life span is about 20 years.











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